Model Decoy (Album Review)

Model Decoy


Model Decoy is a band that hails from Brooklyn and New Haven. They describe their genre as Nerd Rock. With vast knowledge of nerdy world’s they create great original music with concepts taken from comic books, television shows and movies. Model Decoy immediately sets a dreamy tone with their music that massages the ears with tantalizing arrangements and impeccable vocal melodies that can just melt your heart away. The album as a whole has this tenderness fueled with emotion and power backed by a variety of feeling. This work of art covers a range of nerdy topics. From Scott Pilgrim’s nerd love(Ciao, Knives) all the way to The Incredible Hulk’s brutish nature in the face of the Avengers (Scar-Spangled Banner).



And lets not forget the jazz induced intoxication that is the first track off the album(Oxytocin) about the hit TV show Community.

The Album is short and sweet. Composed of six songs with no filler, every last second is dripping with quality. As a band their compositions are very imaginative. It’s like if Queens of the Stone Age married Stevie Wonder and had a baby and that baby dropped acid and read comic books. Lyrically it’s fascinating. Each and every song has a wonderful way with words to paint a pretty picture in the mind. At times it’s dark, romantic and even uplifting.


Stand out Moments: Track number 3 “Hearts in Atlantis” has quite the memorable chorus. Towards the end of the song vocalist Doron Monk Flake shows off his incredible falsetto with strong dynamics and excellent use of his killer range.


-Track number 4 “Would Be King” is a true empowering epic said to be about Thor’s daddy issues. (Yes Thor from Marvel Comics!)


-Track number 5 “The Bride” is about Beatrix Kiddo(if you don’t know who this is go watch Kill Bill). A song about vengeance. This tune grooves real hard with a sexy guitar riff and a killer vocal melody.


Final thoughts: Over all this album is a pleasant experience that holds its own unique flavor. Ari Sadowitz made some very creative guitar arrangements that accompany the music so perfectly. If you don’t know Model Decoy you should change that as soon as possible. Exquisite till the very end, this album does not disappoint.


Written by, John Charles Raffa
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